Thursday, August 26, 2010


Hello all of my few followers!  We have some rather exciting news to share!  We are having a third child due in March of 2011!  We are very excited and will be finding out the gender as soon as we can (probably in October)!  I am doing pretty well.  I've had morning sickness but only feeling sick -not actually getting sick.  It helped me to lose 10 pounds at the beginning of the pregnancy so I'm not complaining!  Daniel is very excited to be a big brother again.  Nathan doesn't quite understand yet but I'm sure he'll get it as time goes on and Mommy gets bigger and bigger.  I'm already showing so I've had to bust out the maternity gear and fill out the wardrobe a bit.  I don't mind.  Maternity clothes are pretty much super comfy so it's like living in jammies all day!  Once I have the chance to scan the first baby pic, I'll try to remember to post it on here!