Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Hand Stamped Tile Coasters

So, I recently discovered that you can use rubber stamps on tiles to make really beautiful and unique coasters! I decided I would try this out to make a cool and unique gift for Daniel's preschool teachers as a thank you gift. I made 2 sets. I posted pictures of them on Facebook and got a great response. I can't take the credit for this idea at all. It's not mine at all. I saw several videos and tutorials on how to do it on YouTube. Here is one that I watched:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2SCgjr4o_4U It seems to be the easiest way to go. There's no heat setting or spray fixatives needed. Here is the set I made for Daniel's main teacher, Mrs. Sweet:

All of the stamps I used are from Stampin' Up!  Some of them are still available but some are discontinued.  I used the following stamp(s) sets:  Inspired by Nature, Medallion, Wonderful Favorites, Family Reunion, French Flair, Damask, Baroque Motifs, and Elements of Style.  I had a really good time playing around with this and I'll be honest - I had a few that came out looking TERRIBLE! 

The best thing about this is how easy this is really to do.  I bought the tiles at Lowe's but you can get them at any big home improvement store.  They are tumbled MARBLE.  If you want to make these yourself, don't get the tumbled TRAVERTINE as they are far too smooth and won't accept the ink well at all.  I made this mistake myself and it looked awful.  They are quite affordable to buy at  about $4 for a box of 9. 

The inks I used were mostly StazOn inks.  I would have used all StazOn because that was what was recommended in that video I shared above but the variety of colors available at my local Michael's store was limited and seemed like someone had been there and bought a lot of the colors out.  I supplemented with a few by Color Box that were PERMANENT inks.  I also tested the color fastness on the back of a tile before using it.  The purple color and the khaki green color are both by Color Box.  The black, red, blue, and brown are by StazOn. 

When they were all stamped and I liked my collection of coasters, I added some felt tab feet to the bottoms of them to keep them from scratching the tables they sat on.  You get several to a package and they are also available at Lowe's and Home Depot.  

I then, used some of my Stampin' Up! striped grosgrain ribbon (discontinued) to tie them up and make a gift package.  They were a hit with the teachers and the other moms at preschool. :)  They are a fun gift to make or for your own home.  I did make some for myself too.  I'll keep experimenting and I'll share more photos when I have more.  Thanks for looking!


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  2. These turned out lovely! I bet the teachers loved them! By the way...we need to have a craft night soon! *wink*