Monday, April 8, 2013

Weight Loss Re-Boot

As some of my readers know, last year I embarked on a weight loss journey.  I did ok and lost 10 pounds.  I have kept those 10 pounds off but I have had a hard time losing anymore.  My schedule now that school is in, makes it more difficult.  I had no problem getting my exercises in and making myself healthier meals because we didn't have to get up and go anywhere in the morning during the summer months.  I made myself egg white omelets with fresh ingredients and turkey bacon with fruit a lot.  I don't have that kind of time before we head for the bus stop on weekdays. I usually don't eat before we leave. 

The reason for this weight loss re-boot is that I finally got my cholesterol checked again and it went back up to 214.  The doctor wants me to get it back down under 200.  I don't need to go on medication.  Just need to change my diet and exercise.  So, I plan to do it!  It's kind of the kick in the pants I needed to get off my butt and make it work.  I have a hard time giving up my relaxing time in the evening after the kids go to bed but I'm going to give up an hour of it to go work out 5 days a week if I can.  I could work out in the morning before they get up but I need the sleep too much.  I have Hypo-Thyroid-ism which causes me have a slower metabolism and require more sleep than the average person.  Chris most nights comes to bed after I'm asleep and gets up before me and he's fine.  I fall asleep watching tv a lot.  It's not normal. Unfortunately, this disease also makes it a lot harder to lose weight.  I'm praying I can do it!

Chris and I had a talk about my joining a gym.  I wasn't sure how he'd feel about it because we own an elliptical.  I like it but there's no really going slow on that thing and I need to get my joints strong again.  I tore my meniscus in my right knee when Daniel was a baby and if I over-use my knees, they get really sore. I also tore some ligaments in my shoulders and have had tennis elbow in my right arm.  I'm contending with Plantar Fasciitis in my right foot right now too.  Every time I get up after sitting for any length of time, my foot hurts badly.  I'm doing exercises to help it heal but it's still sore for now.   Needless to say, the elliptical causes my body to hurt too quickly and I need to do more than 10 to 15 minutes of exercise.  I've started taking walks.  Its getting nicer outside so walking is doable and nice because I can get our dog, Konie out for a walk too.  After talking about it, Chris agreed to the gym.

I like the idea of joining the gym, not only for the exercise but for the chance to have some me-time away from the kids and to spend some time with my mom.  She is already a member at the gym so we can go together and keep each other going. :)

My total weight loss goal is 60 pounds.  I'm not aiming for that right now though.  I'm aiming at more attainable goals so I will stay motivated.  So, I'm aiming for 10 pounds, then 25.  At 25, my reward is getting another dog.  I've been bugging Chris for another dog for a year now and he kept saying no because we don't have the space in our car for another big dog.  He asked me if I wanted motivation for this weight loss.  I said YES!   He said, when  you lose X amount of weight, you can get a dog. We then discussed the amount and agreed on 25 pounds.  I think after that point, I will be addicted to working out and I'll keep going and maybe by this time next year, I'll be down the 60.  Here's hoping and praying I can keep it up and do it! 

I'm really excited and I think Chris having that idea to motivate me was the perfect plan.  I really really really want another dog - not just to have one but because I'm passionate about rescuing dogs that would otherwise end up euthanized.  Dogs that have been abused (like Konie was), just need a home and someone to love them.  I believe every dog deserves a family.  My boys also want another dog and I believe Kona has been lonely since we lost our other dog, Buddy.  He's been gone for 4 1/2 years.  I also had a cat for 18 years and she died a year ago.  I'm an animal lover through and through.  I need to love them!  I know that probably sounds funny to some of you but I've always been that mothering type.  ALWAYS. I've always needed to have a pet too.  I've only been without a furry pet for 2 years in my life and those were the worst 2 years!  We had fish.  Fish are NOT pets.  You cannot PET a fish therefore they are not PETS in my opinion.  HA!  This is just my opinion.  I would love to get another cat but both Chris and I are allergic to them.  I wasn't allergic to my cat for a long time but developed an allergy after we got married.  Weird but true. So, no more cats for us. 

Anyway, that is where I'm at right now.  Today is officially day 1.  I tried to start Saturday but things didn't work out that well.  We did eat a healthy dinner though and I got to go for a walk with Nathan and Konie but I ate cheeseburgers for lunch (I didn't have breakfast and we were out all morning and afternoon so it was a convenience and desperation thing!).  Yesterday, we had a big Sunday Dinner at my mom and dad's including spaghetti, ribs, 3 different kids of dessert, green beans and baked potatoes.  It was delicious and I tried not to eat too much but I did anyway.  So, it begins today.  So far, I've had coffee.  That's it.  I'm hoping Mom will go with me to the gym tonight. 

Prayers for me and my journey would be awesome!  I mostly want to get healthy so I can be around a long time for my kids and just so I can feel better in my body and about my body.  Thanks for reading!


  1. Best of luck Lyndsay! You can do it! :)

  2. Is there a pool nearby you could go to? Exercizing in water is wonderful for those parts of the body that have issues, plus it's so refreshing.