Thursday, June 20, 2013

We Got Him!

Hi friends!  This posting will be short and sweet.  I was so nervous and excited going into meeting Phoebo last night . I wasn't sure how it would go.  I had a feeling we'd get along great and love him to bits (which we did) but we might not get him or we'd have to wait awhile for him to meet some other families before they would do a home visit and then decide if it was OK for us to have him.  Long story short, about 30 to 40 minutes after Phoebo and Melanie left our visit (Melanie is his foster and our friend), Melanie called me to tell me that after talking with the head of the rescue, that we get first dibs on Phoebo and I said YES!   So Phoebo is our dog now!  He won't be coming to live with us until next week because I am going on a girls' weekend with my friend Melissa and Chris is a bit nervous about having all of the kids, Konie AND a new dog alone this weekend (wimp ;0) LOL)  and Konie is having her surgery on Tuesday.  We wanted Konie to have a chance to recover before we bring him home just in case he might get her excited and wanting to play or if he might lick at her stitches (she won't be able to).  I'm not sure how long she'll have them but I think a couple of days should be enough to get her to a good enough place to bring him into the mix.  So, between now and then, we'll be setting up the crate for him, getting him a bed, setting up a place to put his bed, new tags, collar, leash, harness for walking, etc. We already have extra dishes from when we had Buddy and we kept them so that's all good. I can't tell you how excited we are to call him ours.  It's been a long wait for me ( over a year ) to get to the point where I had lost enough weight and that Chris would go along with getting another dog.  I am SO HAPPY I could cry right now!  Icing on the cake - I lost ANOTHER pound and am now down 23 pounds - only 2 shy of my goal for getting the dog and by next week when he comes home, I might be down those last 2!  Woohoo!  Thanks for reading and sharing in my story! 

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