Thursday, March 8, 2012

Wow! It's Been a While!

So, I haven't written in quite a while.  I got pretty busy and honestly, a bit uninspired to keep this up.  I'm going to try to get back into it.  I'm going to be posting about various things.  Of course, my kids will be #1 on my list of things to blog about but also I'll be posting about my crafting and my new interest: COOKING! 

I never thought I'd like cooking but I'm growing quite fond of trying out new recipes on my family.  I think Chris is really enjoying it too because he doesn't have to cook most of the time - unless he wants to.  The catalyst was getting my cousin Vicki's cookbook in the mail.  She is a mom and loves to cook so she put together a book full of her favorite recipes and offered it to us to purchase for only $10.  So worth it!  I spent a couple of weeks trying out some of her recipes.  All of them were good!  Some were better received than others but Chris and I liked all of them.  The boys are harder to please.  Xander, however, LOVES to eat whatever we are eating and eats like a champ - for now.   From Vicki's cookbook I made her Chicken Rollatini, Chicken Marsala, Stuffed Eggplant, Apple and Cranberry Stuffed Pork Chops, Shepherd's Pie, Turkey Noodle Bake, Gnocchi with Zucchini & Tomatoes and others.  I'd have to ask Vicki for her permission before I could share her recipes on my blog.  I'm not sure if she'd go for that - since I think she wants to sell more books.  Who wouldn't, right?

Tonight, I made Oven Baked Fish 'n' Chips (a recipe from my Taste of Home Cookbook).  It came out great and since I got Daniel to help me cook, he WANTED to eat it (that's the biggest thing) and then LOVED it and asked if we could have it again.  He also had seconds - which he never does unless it's pizza.  He's been on an "I don't like it.  I'm not going to eat it." kick.  It has been quite frustrating.  Tonight,  I think we may have turned a small corner.  Not only did he help me cook, but when I told him I needed to take a break from cutting the potatoes into fries because my shoulder was hurting, he rubbed it for me.  How sweet is that?  I love my Daniel.  He can be so sweet when he wants to be. 

Speaking of Daniel:  We had a little bit of  a health scare with him today.  I took the boys in to have their "well child" check ups including any vaccinations they needed.  Only Nathan escaped unscathed.  Poor Daniel had to get 2 shots and Xander had to get 4!  Fortunately for Xander, he won't remember it and probably forgot already. Daniel was scared to death and hid under the chair in the exam room.  After I moved the chair off of him, he wrestled with me to get his pants down so they could do his shots.  They did them both at the same time so he'd only go through it once.  Poor guy has what seems to be an infection now where he had one of them.  His leg has a BIG red swollen spot.  It's hot to the touch, was itchy for him and hurt him if anyone touched it.  I called the doctor when I found the spot this morning.  They called me back 3 1/2 hours later and asked me to bring him up to the office.  Doctor said it's probably not a reaction to the shot itself because he'd had that shot 4 other times (this was his last dose) and never had a reaction before.  Probably got some bacteria in it and it got infected.  So, he's on an antibiotic and some Benadryl just to be on the safe side.  Hopefully, it clears up in a day or 2. 

Xander achieved a long-awaited milestone today!  He finally learned how to get down the step down into our family room!  He's been crawling for months, cruising the furniture for quite a while and when distracted can stand up on his own.  We are looking forward to his first steps... hopefully coming soon!  He's a really good baby although he's been a bit spoiled.  We have been holding him for his naps because he wouldn't let us put him down and stay asleep and has yet to have fallen asleep entirely on his own.  We are working on this.  He was sleeping in our bedroom until this past Monday.  We bit the bullet and put him in his crib at night.  He has slept in there 3 nights so far and tonight will be his 4th.  The pack'n'play came down on Monday.  We are not going back to that.  He is doing better with sleeping longer into the night before waking and wanting to nurse.  I'm hoping we are just about done with that.  He only nurses at night now and gets 1 bottle of formula in the evening before bed.  He mostly eats solid foods and is drinking whole milk now.  He also likes water.  He still needs some training with sippy cups though.  He does great with the one with a straw but we only have 1 cup like that. 

I'm ready for sleep again.  I really have not had a full night's sleep in over 5 years now.  I miss it SO MUCH!  I have come to the realization that XanderHaha. 

All in all in closing for today's post: I love being a mommy to my 3 little munchkins.  They are my heart.  They drive me crazy all the time and make my house a constant mess but I can't imagine not having them in my life anymore.  They are forever going to be a part of me - the best part.  I also need to give credit to my wonderful hubby Chris.  He's absolutely my partner and the best daddy I could ever ask for to our kids. 

Have a blessed day or night and thanks for reading!!!

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