Monday, July 25, 2011


Xander's first time in the saucer.  This was day  before yesterday: July 23, 2011

He's really enjoying it!  A new way to play!
He's doing really well with not falling over too.  It's great for his leg strength and also fine motor skills.  So glad we could get him into playing upright more!

Looking closely at one of the toys...


Having lots of fun.  Not to mention, big brother Daniel was in the chair next to him making him laugh.

"Look at me, Daddy!"

Daniel gave Xander this lion ball thing with little tentacle like things coming off of it.  Xander is really studying what it is and the strange new texture!

He seems to really like the exersaucer.  I'm so glad I bought this thing for Daniel when he was a baby.  All three boys have gotten great use out of it!  Last night, Xander staying in it and was happy and entertained for about an hour!  Not too much else to report on this story.  The pictures really speak for themselves!  Thanks for checking them out!

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