Monday, July 18, 2011

Fun with Mud and Water

So, yesterday, after not sleeping well because of heartburn and feeling nauseated half the night, I had to miss church which I wasn't happy about.  After a couple of hours and some breakfast, I started to feel better.  Chris and I decided to take the boys outside to play because it was a nice summer day but way too hot to not doing something with water.  So, Chris got the Bruder trucks out that the boys got for Christmas from their Grandma and Grandpa.  He and Nathan got to work on building a river in the area he created in the back yard just for them and their trucks.   I hung out with Xander in the front yard so I could watch them if they decided to ride bikes or play with the cozy coupes.  I also got the plastic pool out and filled it up with cold water from the hose and bubble bath.   I got the idea from my friend Rachel Kinney, who posted some pictures of her kids playing in a pool filled with bubbles on facebook.  As soon as it was filled, Nathan was in it... even in his clothes and sandals!  They had huge blobs of bubbles on their heads and I'm bummed we weren't able to get pictures of that but I did get pictures of Nathan in the pool and Daniel's river he built with his dad.
Daniel after playing in the dirt.  He didn't want to show his face for the picture! He was pretty dirty even after rinsing off in the soapy pool a lot!

Nathan in the pool with his new swimming Nemo.

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