Friday, July 22, 2011

Heat Exhaustion

So, yesterday, my friend Jill called and invited us to come to her swim club for the day because it was so hot out:  a whopping 117 degrees with the heat index.  I wasn't sure it was  good idea but I knew the boys would want to go and see their friends and play in the pool.  So, I packed the kids up and we went to the pool.  It was insanely hot!  We got there (in our suits) and pretty much go right into the pool.  I had the baby with me in the water and I was doing all that I could to keep him cool while keeping him out of the sun.  There was one sliver of shade in the pool so that was where we camped out.  The boys had a good time and I'm glad I brought some of their water toys because no one else did and their toys were quite popular.  One little girl named Isla (age 2), kept taking them and putting them over by her mom.  It was cute.  She was thinking "I'll take this one and this one and put them here so I can play with them later".   It was a nice time but even with sitting in the pool and watering ourselves down, we were all getting too hot.  When it was time to go, I had the boys dressed (aside from Daniel's underwear which I told him to pack and he didn't) and I was about to strap a sleeping Xander into his car seat and he woke up and wanted to eat.   So, I got my cape and the burp cloth and sat down to feed him while still in my bathing suit.  My friend who invited us, Jill, offered the boys suckers.  So they were content and sitting in  a couple of deck chairs enjoying their suckers when suddenly I see/hear a gush of something under Daniel.   Immediately, I thought he peed his pants.  I was about to yell at him when he got up and walked over to me covered in vomit and tears streaming.  Poor guy got so overheated that he threw up.  I handed Xander off to Jill and took Daniel to the showers to get the puke off of him and put his bathing suit back on so he didn't have to wear the puke in the car.  We get back to the kids pool and Nathan is still sitting happily with his sucker and Xander is with Jill and has burped.  Daniel gets green again and looks like he's gonna go again.  I tell him to bend over (so he won't barf on his bathing suit too) and he proceeds to stand straight up and puke all over himself.  I was screaming at him "BEND OVER! BEND OVER! BEND OVER!" and he just stood there and kept puking.  GRRRRR!  I felt bad for him but angry that he didn't listen and now had NOTHING to wear home.   I was going to take him back to the shower again but decided to grab a few cups of water from the pool and dump it down the front of him to rinse him off and the pool deck at the same time.  That worked.  We packed up and got out of there fast.  Thank GOD my van's AC works fast!  It cooled down within a couple of minutes and he was already feeling better.  We got home and I pumped him with apple juice and water to rehydrate him.  He was fine.  It was a quite a scare though!  Moral of the story, always bring drinks to the pool and keep the kids drinking, drinking, drinking if it's that hot outside OR  stay inside in the air conditioning!!!!! 

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