Tuesday, August 2, 2011


So, I'm curious if there are many other stay-at-home-moms out there that have the same situation as I do.  My boys, aside from Xander, always prefer their daddy over me for pretty much everything!  I'm so thankful and very blessed to have found a man that is such a wonderful father to his kids but at the same time I get quite jealous when they always want their daddy to do everything with them.  They just want me to get them stuff.  Daniel is starting to want me more for things and just now gave me a big hug and kiss and told Chris "I love Mommy so much!"  Nathan comes in my room in the morning while I'm laying in bed with Xander and Daniel who has come in to cuddle with us and he completely ignores us and goes into the bathroom where Chris is showering and then turns around and leaves the room without even saying hi.  Why does this happen?  I keep telling myself it's because I'm home all day with them so I'm not as special to them as their daddy who's gone most of the day. 

Is there something wrong with me that I'm bothered by this?  I'm curious if anyone else has the same feelings about this as I do.  It hurts when I offer to read a book with Nathan and he wants to only read it with his daddy.  I work hard taking care of them all day every day mostly on my own.  Thoughts?  Comments? 

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