Saturday, August 20, 2011

Vacation for the Boys

Chris and his sister Stephanie left this morning with Daniel and Nathan to take them out to visit Chris's parents for a week without us.  I have mixed emotions about it.  I'm excited for them to have a great visit with their grandparents and for my chance to really clean the house without them coming behind me and remaking the mess I just cleaned up!  I'm going to miss them like crazy though.  This will be the longest I've ever been away from them.  We have only  taken one trip just the 2 of us since we had kids and that was when Daniel was almost 1.  So, it's been a few years.  We've never travelled without them since Nathan was born.  I'm sure they will have fun.  Chris's parents really know how to make things fun for them and the boys love them to pieces.  I'm sure Daniel will miss us more than Nathan.  Nathan is much more independent.  Daniel is more of a people person and always tells us that he misses us even if we just run up to the store for 10 minutes. He's very sweet and he loves his parents.  Nothing wrong with that!

So, I'll try to post about this week and how it's going as it goes along.  Day  1 of them being gone (11:00am) and I've been on the cleaning mission already but now I'm taking a break because Xander needs some Mommy cuddling so he can go to sleep again.  I've been reorganizing cabinets and counters and de-cluttering already and I vacuumed a bit.  Not bad so far. I have made a nice checklist of things to accomplish this week.  I want this house to be clean and organized and to be able to see all of the surfaces again.  We are really a bad clutter family.  Flat surfaces are always cluttered with mail, and various other paper items or things that don't have homes yet.  I'll be really happy when we don't have to use the infant carrier car seat anymore.  That thing takes up a lot of space on the dining room table.  

I'm happy to report that the family room is already in pretty good shape.  I cleaned it somewhat yesterday.  I didn't dust all of it yet... that's basically all that is left aside from steam mopping the perimeter of the room. I think I'll clean the french doors too... they'll get a couple weeks withing nasty fingerprints on them!

Well, I'm off to work again!  Thanks for reading and please comment!

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